Droomer is the namesake and lens through which South African born maker Cleo Droomer see’s the world. The work of Droomer (Dreamer in English) is to dream into new ways of living well with all earth communities. This is a journey beyond sustainability; that not only places ecologically sound & socially just choices at its core, but also explores meaning-making practices that support regenerative-living as honouring, learning from and surfacing our diverse and often forgotten heritages.

In addition to meaning-making through tactile objects, Droomer also calls for a re-evaluation of habitual consumerism and a shift into more mindful slow-making practices. Droomer pieces are all individually hand crafted in South Africa by the artist himself, in a timeous and careful process. 




About the artist

Cleo Droomer (he/him) is a Multi-award winning designer from Cape Town, South Africa. As a South African of mixed heritage, Cleo is driven by the cultural histories of his ancestors and the complexities of being a brown body in the world today. After leaving a long tenure in corporate fashion, he started asking new questions that sit in the intersection of art, storytelling, fashion, biomimicry, heritage and spirituality. This new enquiry around these practices are facilitating and informing his approach to making, mending and tending to a planet in crisis.

He is currently working on a series of multi-media and textile-based artworks exploring South Africa's rich cultural history, creating soft sculptures and wearable archives.

Central to his work is the practice of re-imagining living well with the earth and one another by mending and 'piecing-apart' the intricate tapestries that bind us.